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BMW - Exterior Detailing - Polishing

Exterior Detailing

Get your vehicle looking closer to perfection. Here at Diamond Auto Spa, we do our initial inspection to check the condition of the paint and identify any trouble areas.


Once this is complete, we hand wash (using our two-bucket method and fresh mitts and towels) to remove the dirt and debris then we fully decontaminate the paint of any and all surface and bonded contaminates. This process will also remove any layer of protection, such as waxes and fillers from the paint. With the paint correction done, the vehicle is rinsed to ensure that any compound/polish dust is removed utilizing a spotless water system that deionizes the water.


The last and final inspection is done to be certain that you and our team see the results we want. We highly recommend pairing our paint correction package with one of our Ceramic Pro coatings or Paint Protection Film packages to protect your investment.

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